Know Android Phones- The Current And Upcoming of Mobile Technologies

   The  year 2005 was the critical for the entire globe as at that time Google Inc. acquired the "Android". Sure the Android for which we are accurately passionate now as the phones based on this Operating System are no less then the laptops, personal computers etc. Android Phones are wonderful in each single sense what else would you wait for as of it from the applications there which are more then 60,011 in figures. Brands like Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Acer,  LG,  HTC,  Motorola & many more either if I limit my script then I must speak that except BlackBerry, Nokia & Apple all other kinds of phone are there w/ the Android OS as their platform. There are so various versions of this OS like Donut, Cup cake,  Froyo, Eclair, Ginger bread & Honey comb.

   Previous when the cell phones field was not that a great deal well-liked then there was merely single name which is recognized by the majority of the people and that's Nokia which simply works on Symbian OS (till now the phone is linked with this OS only news are there concerning Mee GO OS w/ Nokia N9) but Symbian Cell Phones lost their gems from the time these phones start execution problem & other hassles etc. You can become aware of the fad of Android phones with this information that the young people are full of activity in doing part time jobs to acquire their "1st Android phone". Samsung Galaxy S II is presume to be the phone with greatest features & audacity as well and the major cause of it's reputation is the OS & that with the most recent version.

   HTC Sensation is lone an additional phone which is also based on Android OS & this cell phone is evenly far-reaching out huge charms. Eevery version of Android phones are with some particular features like Eclair version was modernized w/ the HTML5 whereas froyo is w/  Wi-Fi gathering. It depends upon the brand of the edition they desire to use in their mobile phones. Like if the brand desire to bring in a phone with average features then the OS w/ it will also understand to be of that type of (like froyo or Eclair etc). This can improved be clarify through this illustration, all the Tablets in the marketplace which works below the Android OS are w/ the Honey comb version merely as this version is particularly meant for Tablets only. & very almost immediately there will be other more version , Ice Cream Sandwich which certainly consist of all remarkable facilities etc.

   Cellular phone deals which are there in order to benefit the public the most excellent offers & plans are in massive with the Android Phones & those from side to side networks like Three, Virgin,  T-Mobile, Orange, O2, Vodafone etc. plus their most excellent outcome can be acquired with the contract deal all the way through which the consumers can disburse the phone bills at the previous of the month & can as well be the part of a variety of incentives like free minutes, without charge texts,  free data allowances etc. You can have the complimentary gifts also which essentially are the electronics items like at no cost laptop, without charge Plasma TV, free of charge mobile phone accessories etc.

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