Amazing iPhone Guides and Techniques

Whether you are an experienced user or completely new to the world of the iPhone, chances are you are not entitled to your phone to the fullest.
cool iphone appsDo not worry, you are not alone, because this size of pocket gadgets, hundreds of functions that need to be embedded in the os (operating system).

 so we share some our much loved iPhone Techniques and Tricks that you probably already know. Hopefully there are some good that you do not know. Many of these 25 Offers to work by every versions of iPhone, but make sure that the newest IOS 5.1software is installed.

Taking pictures w/your headphoneset cable: Now you can adjust the volume down or up button, take pictures, sound and picture frames from hand and if you are willing to take a picture have to make, find the cord and press so that it not take you move the iPhone. Plus!

Drying wet iPhone: You are not your first let the iPhone sink into the toilet or fall. If this occurs, they turn them not, because you can lead a smartphone by shorting damage. Easy towel to phone dry. Do not use a hair dryer telephone, because they can continue to keep moisture in the area of the slide to get wet. phone in a plastic bag or bowl of uncooked rice to drown and put it all night. If you have, attempt using a packet that you could find yourself with a new leather handbag or a couple of shoes.

Reject the proposed word: If you enter the e-mail or a virtual keyboard notes and suggest the right spelling of words, and receive not want - you do not need the little "X" at the last of the word in inquiry to open up. Just tap everywhere on the monitor screen to shut the box to the proposal.

Take photos even faster: While the iPhone is protected, you can twice tap the home push button and you will see the cam icon you be able to tap to unlock is no longer the camera. Now you can use the volume increase to reflect images. You can also adjust the volume on the headset cable to take pictures (if you desire) and press to magnify the screen, instead of the slider.

Use of location-based reminder, you may know, the series will be used to position a prompt to be like when they say "jane, remind to call mother of 4 o clock today." But did you know you can set reminders based on location, on your iPhone 4S? Say "jog your memory to call my parents while I depart here" or "Remind me to call the parents when I arrive home," and you will be informed accordingly.

Get the definition of the words: Apple recently built and can access many applications that can be used to pick a word. just push and hold a word - as in e-mails, reminders, iBooks, etc. "Set" and you get to see an option pop

Frozen turning the iPhone: If the phone freezes and then press the Wake/Sleep of doing nothing about it, do not panic. However, Home push button and Sleep / Wake simultaneously. You are invited to stop to "Slide to Power Off" tab. The so-called "hard reset" to restart the iPhone lock. You have to expect a full recovery and start over.

Obtain more in a short period of time: you be able to include words as well as phrases that bind to a lot of help to create the (NCA)Northern California Association of Health Education. In the configuration in the head, keyboard, and select New Link. at this time you can put in new words otherwise phrases, and a link to them (for example, "NCAEE" in the example above, and performs the full word each time.

Discover the 6 days forecast: If you are one of the several-time addicts out there, you most likely know, you can clean the IOS device screen and comes to get a phone line to see. Time will be, but you knew that you pass to the left otherwise right, and will switch between the current days and 6? Furthermore, application of time jumping all weather bar the notification screen.

Input Domain URL quickly: Upon entering the site address in safari, you do not write "com." For instance, you can "yahoo" for the URL box on In a related development, you can press this button. Com and you will see a list to choose alternatives, such as clean. Edu Org

create your own tone: Do not the settle with Apple and you pay your provider for additional of what they do. As the name suggests, without charge Ringtone Maker app, take clips of your much loved songs and turn them into ringtones in instants.

sense and see if someone is calling: Apple has some features access to the IOS-5 is designed to help people with visual impairments recorded, hearing, movement and contribute to helping others. For instance, those who hear, select the LED flash while calls are affected. If you are at risk, can the vibration patterns unique to dissimilar people in your contact list, so you be familiar with or warned who is calling.

Locate your missing iPhone: helping first time registering for without charge locate My iPhone application that you build your product on a plot (on your CPU or other devices IOS). You can leave a note, or you can delete a loud ringer (in the case under the pillow), or distantly lock or.

Saving files to Safari:
 browsing in Safari and found an image to be saved. merely press and hold the image at the time the website and is using a menu when you select "Save Image", asks to be invited. If photos are stored, you can now either online or by email or to see if the fund.

Go under the screen of the iPhone grab: In a related development, if you wish for to take pictures of website or apps, push the Start button and press the SLEEP push button. You will hear a camera, see the white flare and the screenshot is saved to your Roll of your camera


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